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“I am extremely pleased with the personal care my new cat, Gerald, received this past week! I hadn’t been to the clinic before, but I was able to get a last-minute appointment and was made to feel welcome the moment I walked in. Gerald was just adopted from an animal shelter and had a serious wound on his leg. Dr. Singer took a lot of time examining him, taking X-rays, and treating him with so much care and concern. I’m happy to report that he has now healed and is a wonderful companion.  Thanks so much to the staff who shared their concern for Gerald and made me (and him!) feel so comfortable!

-Diane H.”

Thank you again to the staff both from this morning and last night who took care of Leonard and Bernice. I was in tears when I left today because I was so happy and relieved! Not only were both my cats incredibly comfortable in your space and with your staff despite having so many bugs (I attached a photo of Bernice at your office this morning who normally spends vet visits hiding in the corner), but you made me feel comfortable.

I never felt like any question I was asking was dumb or annoying, I wasn’t made to feel guilty or judged for having sick pets and everything was explained to me in a way that I could leave there knowing what was going on with my cats and how/why they were being treated with medication. We went in for a second opinion but we will definitely be coming back.

Before I left I booked boarding for both Leonard and Bernice for the end of May while I am out of the country. I feel much more comfortable about leaving knowing they will be in your care!

Thank you again for the amazing service and we look forward to utilizing Cats Preferred as our normal vet from now on!



Thank you for all the care we have received over the years at Cats Preferred. You are knowledgeable, thoughtful and kind.  You are honest and compassionate – all at the same time. The hardest times were handled with immense grace. You are the best!

Warmest Regards,
Carolyn and Joe


Thank you so much for sending me the reminder about Maggie’s treatment.  This is to let you know that she is up to date on everything.  When I brought her to you it was for a consult, my regular vets couldn’t seem to cure her problems.  I thought it would be a good idea to bring her to you, kitty specialists, who might have more thoughts on her situation.  And I was right!  You gave her a work up, did some tests, gave her medication, suggested changes I might make in her everyday care, and put her on Royal Canin HP for her irritable bowel or colitis, whatever she was dealing with.  Although we had made several food changes before this time, nothing had helped.  You people saved her life and I will be always grateful.  Believe me, if she ever presents with a complication we can’t seem to deal with, I’ll make the drive, which is a hard one for me, and be back.

Maggie and I send you our very best, and a major Thank You.



Our precious cat, Callie, is now 15 years old, thanks in large part to Dr. Sassen. When we got Callie as a kitten, she developed sores and scabs all over her head. We took her to our “regular” vet at that time. He told us that she had an auto-immune disorder and would probably die very shortly. He even suggested we may want to put her to sleep rather than get too attached to her. This was very traumatic news for all of us, especially my 8 year old daughter who had received Callie as a birthday gift. He was also pretty blunt with this suggestion and we both left the office in tears. Thankfully, we decided to get a second opinion and took her to Cats Preferred. Dr. Sassen took one look and said she felt it was food allergies. We changed her diet and she has been great ever since. We now have 3 cats that all go to Cats Preferred. And my now college aged daughter brings her new kitten there also. We would never consider going anywhere else. It paid off to get a second opinion. That sweet kitten has turned out to be the most cuddly, fun and loving cat and we can’t imagine not having her in our lives. Thank you, Dr. Sassen!

Beth R.


From: Carolyn Marinan, Hennepin County Public Affairs Director
The best in cat care – and human care!


From Dex.com:
Nala by Trish
My cat needed surgery and I was hesitant to do it. The doctors at Cats Preferred were so understanding and supportive. I decided to have the surgery there and it was the best decision I could have made. My cat is doing wonderful and very happy. I will not bring my cat Nala anywhere else but Cats preferred.

Best vet for kitty! by Shari T
I have been a client of Cats Preferred since they opened their doors 11+ years ago and would never take my cats anywhere else! As a multi-cat pet parent and animal rescuer I have challenged the staff at Cats Preferred countless times over the years with issues that range from minor to life threatening and have never failed to be impressed with their skill, knowledge, and compassion. As any cat owner knows, a trip to the vet can be a traumatic experience for everyone (both human and feline) so the clinic has been designed to consider the client’s comfort in order to keep stress to a minimum. By specializing in cats only, the staff is trained to spot issues that may be overlooked in a clinic that deals with a wider variety of pets. This can make a huge difference in the diagnosis and treatment of issues that affect your cat’s comfort and happiness. If you’re looking for the best clinic for kitty, look no further than Cats Preferred!!! Thanks to the staff for all that they do…:o)

Care above and beyond the norm by blossom
I’m a physically disabled customer and my cat of 13 years was dying of cancer. Dr. Lori Boettcher, and her veterinary tech Amy, made a house call to bring much-needed pain medication when I had no one else to help. This team not only delivered the medication, they administered the meds to my cat. I’m still grieving over the loss of my cat but the incredible kindness Lori and Amy showed has softened the blow. This amount of kindness is so unusual these days; the kindness has revived my faith that there are people who still care about others in need.