Cats Preferred is a full service veterinary hospital and clinic.

We offer well cat exams and vaccinations along with sick cat exams, treatment and hospitalization.  We have a full surgical suite, including laser surgery and onsite radiology services.

For sick cat and emergency treatments we have a full in house laboratory for fast test results.  Our hospitalization area is warm and sunny and we pride ourselves on working hard to keep your cat eating and happy during its hospitalization.

We have state of the art dental equipment and dental x-rays to keep your cats mouth healthy and pain free.

Our small boarding area is away from the hustle and bustle of the hospital, but still an area of the hospital that is visited regularly throughout the day by all staff members.  These cages are larger than hospitalization cages and include shelves on which the cats can perch.

We perform grooming that includes baths and brushing to lions cuts and spot grooming and shaving as needed.  We also can trim nails and apply soft paws.

Cats Preferred carries a variety of prescription and non prescription diets as we know that some cats can be a bit picky about what they eat!

Come in and meet us, you will see that we are all about gentle care for your cat!