Boarding and Grooming

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, boarding services are discontinued until further notice

We have special cages for our boarders that are called Cat Condos. These cages are able to give cats their “space” and the ability to roam and explore, even when the hospital is full.

The cages are sealed with a white laminate for warmth and complete disinfecting. Each cage has inside dimensions of 27 ½” w X 27 ½” high with a stationary resting shelf on the sidewall. There are pass through port holes that can be opened to allow cats from the same household to visit one another while still having their “own room”.  We suggest toys and blankets for our boarders and recommend that you bring your cat’s regular food for its stay.

We do require all cats in the boarding area to be current on their Distemper and Rabies vaccinations. All cats are examined for fleas upon admittance and must be treated for fleas if any are found. We allow drop off and pick up for boarders any time during our regular hours.




Our general and medical grooming includes:
Brushing and Bathing
Nail Trims
Lion cuts
Spot shaving such as chin or rear end.
Grooms under anesthesia for cats that cannot be groomed awake.
As we are not professional groomers we do not do show grooming.
All cats need to be examined and current on their Rabies and Distemper vaccines to be groomed.