Dental Care

We provide full dental services including:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Dental X-rays
  • Extractions
  • Laser gingival surgery
  • At home dental care products

  • Our dental procedures are performed under general gas anesthesia. Anesthesia provides three important functions: immobilization in order to clean below the gum line, pain control, and the ability to place a tube into the windpipe, so bacterial products do not enter the respiratory system.

    Most dentistry services are same day procedures, with your cat able to go home once it is fully recovered from anesthesia. We place IV catheter to administer fluids during the procedure and the cats have a breathing tube in place throughout the dental. We have a state of the art conductive fabric warming system (by the inventor of human Bair Huggers warming systems) that the cats are wrapped in to keep their body temperature constant. Dental x-rays are taken and any needed extractions are preformed. The teeth are cleaned with ultrasonic scaling and then polished. They recover from anesthesia in a warmed cage.

    At discharge time, a technician will discuss what was done for your cat, show you any dental x-rays that were done and go over both discharge and home care instructions.

    For more information on cat dental care visit: