All types physical examinations cover your cat from the “tip of the nose to the end of the tail”.  Vaccine and Wellness exams are the physical exams that are done yearly on the young cat and twice yearly for senior cats.  Sick cat exams are done when you cat is not feeling well.  Our Behavioral Consults are for problems such as behavioral urinary issues, aggression, destruction of property or issues between multiple cats.  Health certificates are usually needed for travel that includes flying or leaving the United States.

Our exam tables are laminate, not cold stainless steel, and exams are performed with the owner and doctor seated to place your cat at ease.

Our exam areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between each use.

Our veterinarian will look in your cats eyes, ears and mouth.  We will listen to the heart and lungs, then feel the abdomen and extremities for any abnormalities or discomfort.  Next we will check the lymph nodes for swelling or pain and check the thyroid glands for enlargement.  We will also discuss any nutritional or weight concerns.

If your cat is ill, areas of concern or obvious disease will have additional focused examination and possible diagnostic testing.