Surgical Care


At Cats Preferred we offer full Surgical Services including:
Bladder and other soft tissue surgery
Foreign body and intestinal surgery
Mass removals
Orthopedic and specialized surgery available by Board Certified Surgeon



We use gas general anesthesia for all our surgical procedures which allows many of our surgeries to be same day procedures.

Recovery from gas anesthesia is very quick and your cat will be fully awake and alert at discharge.

Some orthopedic procedures do have an overnight stay to allow adequate rest before return to activity, as do some major abdominal surgeries.

A conductive fabric warming system will keep your cat warm throughout the surgery and surgical monitors are used to measure heart rate and oxygenation.  A certified veterinary technician also monitors your cat throughout its anesthesia and recovery period.  Your cat will recover from surgery in a warmed cage.

At discharge we will discuss the surgery, the recovery period and any limitations.  You will also be given a discharge information sheet with go home and medication instructions.